One Month In Thoughts

I like the team. Pitching is holding up for
the most part. You know Phillips will break out soon. Votto
is a beast. I will go back on what I said earlier. Nix should
be in LF on a daily basis. I did not include him in the
Hairston/Dickerson thought before. That said, Dickerson over
Hairston still. Gonzalez is an awesome defensive ss. The play
today was mind blowing. The young pitchers are starting to
get it, but I still believe we need a new pitching

Mark Fidrych

Wow!! The Bird leaves us today also?
Dropping like flies. I remember watching him on tv. What a
character. Have a cold one with Harry. And Harry.

Harry Kalas

We lost another voice this afternoon. Just
loved his voice. What a legend. Thanks Harry.

Outfield Thoughts

I’m of the opinion that Dickerson should be playing every day. Better defense than Hairston, and come on, we all know we’re not a playoff team this year (Hope I’m wrong) so lets give Dickerson the experience that comes with playing time. He impresses me.

Taveras was a fantastic pickup. A walk is a double for him. And that rundown of the fly ball yesterday was classic. Can’t teach speed.

Bruce is still a work in progress I think. He needs to relax and just let the talent take its course.

All in all though, I think we have upgraded from last year especially with Gomes on hole in Louisville.



Was awesome today. Marty made a great point today. Young pitchers should take note of Harang today.  Actually, isn’t that Dick Poles job? Could somebody please tell me why he is still the Reds pitching coach?